Ekwonye Production

Mobile Communication Services  

The Ekwonye Production SMS Messaging Platform offers the most powerful tools to help you create highly effective communications with your customers. You can send Bulk SMS or Transaction SMS with ease via our web platform, Mobile app, SMPP or HTTP APIs and be sure of the highest delivery Possible.

Our integrated application is bundled with tools to help you make the most out of your SMS Communications

Why Choose Us?

Customized SMS option to pick columns from a CSV (Excel) file.

SMS scheduler for automatic bulk SMS delivery at a later time.

SMS Inbox to receive SMS replies (2 Way) and save them online.

Automatic removal of duplicate numbers to avoid wasted credit.

Bulk SMS API for any platform (Joomla, Java, etc.) using our REST API.

Buy SMS online and receive your credit immediately.

Download delivery reports of all your sent SMS.

Low credit alert to notify you when your balance is running low.

Instant delivery reports of all bulk SMS messages you send.

Transfer and share credit with your friends and colleagues.

Online backup of all your contacts so you can retrieve them on any device, at any time, and anywhere

Our business is in messaging. This means our number one priority is to get your message to the people you want to reach out to using text messages.


Reach out to business connections, clients, friends, and family using bulk SMS.


Here are some of the features of our SMS platform:

Auto phone number extraction from text

Duplicate phone number removal

Duplicate message alert to prevent you from sending the same message multiple times.

Download delivery reports for every SMS you send

Instant speedy dispatch of thousands of SMS at a single click

Scheduled SMS for the future to automatically send at a time when you would be away from your computer or the Internet.

Easy phone book/contacts management

Import/upload contact phone numbers from text files in any format.

Manage contacts using contact lists of number groups

Dynamic/customized sender name of up to 11 characters, or 14 numbers

Long/multi-page SMS with up to six (6) pages (918 characters) in one message