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  Voice Messaging / Robocalls

Deliver your pre-recorded message to thousands of contacts instantly. Reach a large number of people in your own voice, in any language, in the shortest time.

Voice Broadcasting
Service provider


Effective and Instant. Connect with clients customers, members, and people in a personalized, effective way

Simple & Robust

Record voice call, Upload, Send to alot of people at once

Resellership Available

Setup your own VoiceSMS Platform Instantly and be a voiceSMS/robocall Platform provider


What is VoiceSMS/Robocall/Voice Blast


VoiceSMS is a pre-recorded call conversation sent to a lot of people at once, with voiceSMS you can send voice call to numerous people at once without having to call each person; you simply record your conversation, Upload the conversation to our platform, input your recipients and send to all. After sending each of your recipients will receive a call from your registered phone number (changeable) of the conversation you recorded as though you are calling each of the recipients from your telephone